Gerry Farrar Journals

Gerry’s Legacy letter to the Paw Paw High School Class of 2013 speaks volumes about Her attitude on living and her faith.  Her faith led her to the voluntarism that she has exhibited through out her life and has sustained her in the hardships she endured in performing service in Kenya and Haiti.

Gerry (Carmody) Farrar

Dear Paw Paw High School Graduates of the Class of 2013,

There is so much ahead for you! This is a very exciting time for all of you. Society asks a lot of most 18 year olds. Some of you go on to fight for our marvelous country and for that I thank you. Others begin working and supporting a family; a challenging career to say the least. Many more will be heading off to college in a few short months and choosing some career about which you really know very little. As I said our society expects a lot of you.

It is so important that you find a balance between putting too much pressure on yourselves and taking it too easy in the years ahead. It is a difficult balance. The most important thing to remember is that you learn to enjoy everything in your life. One of my favorite books is “Your Best Life Begins Each Morning” by Joel Osteen. He stresses happiness is a decision you make, not an emotion you feel. Life is short; enjoy every single day!

I hope you will be able to develop your faith in God if you do not have it now. There are many times in life that choices present themselves and having a strong faith helps you make wise decisions. My faith has provided me with a compass by which to travel through life. I have seen those without any faith flounder and become a bit lost and unable to find the right path. I have had the privilege of being with others at the end of their life. Those with faith face that time with courage and peace. Learning to help those who are dying has taught me a great deal about living.

Of course you will have worries and times of anxiety. These times should not dictate your happiness. I try to remember that my attitude is the only thing in this world I can truly control! As a manager in the health care industry, I have had the opportunity to interview many people. Those with a negative attitude were never really able to hide it. It always came out to rear its ugly head when the right questions were asked. Those who live in joy are at the top of the list in this competitive job market. Skills can be taught but it is very difficult for an employer to try to change someone’s attitude.